Thursday, April 5, 2007

Jack Bauer sex

So, Julie likes 24.

dancinggrapes: then i have to get my summer RA letter cause i'm so antzy - and i need to tell you if i'm moving in with you and tim for the summer
ilovetreeshalso: lol
ilovetreeshalso: youre more than welcome to stay some of the time with us but not the whole damn summer
ilovetreeshalso: i mean my sex life is non existant as it is jk
ilovetreeshalso: but not really
dancinggrapes: o come on! it'd be so fun...roomie!
ilovetreeshalso: i think tim would kill us
dancinggrapes: haha
dancinggrapes: i could give you nights off
dancinggrapes: plus it'd be fun
dancinggrapes: you'd have to be secretive and jack bauer like
dancinggrapes: you could have jack bauer secret sex
ilovetreeshalso: LOL
ilovetreeshalso: LOL
ilovetreeshalso: ure too funny
dancinggrapes: i know my audience
ilovetreeshalso: i hope you get a position though

dancinggrapes: omg i'm getting email scolded for not logging into this rso website
ilovetreeshalso: uh oh
dancinggrapes: but i can't do it! it keeps asking me for info that i don't have!
ilovetreeshalso: now youre not getting hired
dancinggrapes: i know you're teasing but wait until i start bangin on the wall between my room and yours
ilovetreeshalso: ill kill u

ilovetreeshalso: lol check out my blog
dancinggrapes: ditto
ilovetreeshalso: aw man
ilovetreeshalso: nothing is sacred
dancinggrapes: haha
dancinggrapes: whatever, you put up a trucker hat!
ilovetreeshalso: lol
dancinggrapes: i didn't put up a picture of sex!
ilovetreeshalso: eww
ilovetreeshalso: thank GOD

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Julie said...

I'm glad that we are a lot alike and nothing we talk about is scared anymore.

Since we both post everything we talk about here.