Thursday, April 12, 2007

Classy Broads

Julie introduced me to this just in time for me to not study at all for finals.

After having spent the last 3 days reading his 3 years of posts, I decided it's necessary to meet this man. To that end, moments ago I sent this email:

Dear Jason,
I've been newly introduced to your blog and have spent finals week using you to procrastinate. It appears you come to Boston on a somewhat frequent basis and the next time you are here, my friend Julie and I would like to get you drunk enough to wet your pants in public. So let us know when/where you're around next.

Love, Kate and Julie

I'll let you all know when I get a response.(PS does anyone want to pitch in on the vodka costs??)


Monika said...

okay wait why am i not included in this...i totally wasted about a half hour yesterday reading this guys blog since i clicked on the link on your sure i will waste more time tomorrow...

Monika said...

PLUSSS...i should be included in ANY post that is titled "classy broads"...i am the definition of a classy broad

Monika said...

also i would like to say that i find broads to be a more offensive term than roommates agree

Julie said...


you're not a classy broad.
you're just a broad.

thank you-


Kate said...

also, your roommates are sorority girls - therefore their opinions bear no weight around these parts

Monika said...

KATE! my roommates are not sorority you ever listen when i talk?