Thursday, April 26, 2007

Acts of God in my face

My horoscopes seem to be right on lately:
"You seem more erratic now, for your emotions are very close to the surface. You are likely showing more of yourself than you even realize, and the sudden shifts are reflected in not-so-subtle ways as quickly as your moods change. It's not necessary to be in total control. Try letting those close to you know that you are moving through some rough waters and could use their support.
Thursday, April 26, 2007"

So the summer apartment situation blew up in my face yesterday - apparently the three other girls that will be living there all decided unbeknownst to me that they were re-arranging the rooms and "surprise! you're getting one half the sise...right off of the livingroom...and you still have to pay the same price...and my boyfriend's going to live in the big room with me for free..." There was fighting, and phonecalls, and me saying "this is not what my sublease is FOR!" No one cares.
My options as I see them:
*Take the small room, shut my mouth, and silently resent the sorority girls that I now live with for 4 months.
*Throw a tantrum and make them give me my original big room and have them silently resent me for 4 months.
*Tell them, "sorry, changed my mind." Leave them with an extra $750 for their parents to come up with for the empty room, and find myself at square one looking for an apartment in a week's time.
Votes anyone??

In more uplifting news, I got this email from my independant project advisor:

Had an opportunity to go through your work today---and wanted you to know how impressed I am with what you've accomplished. Your commitment and caring will influence many in whatever you choose to do--I'm grateful to have had you in class and be a witness to your growing......

Take care."

That better translate into an A.

And Citizen Cope concert tonight. I'm going to let him soothe my poor luck.

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