Monday, April 2, 2007

2. Monika

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Monika said...

hahaha....thanks kate.

4 things in response:
1. we have already established that i have been socialized to be a prostitute and im okay with that. and i actually had a convo with the guy after the initial comment and im sure he was dazzled by my personality as well

2. i dont know what you are talking about with making me look at your blog....but you should add me to your "lovers that you stalk" list

3. have i told you how much i love you for getting me a ticket (i mean i do in general but especially in this case)

4. ummm...the news that you being able to have gourmet burgers and ghetto 40s in my ghetto before the concert has made my day...even more so than the ass comment! :)