Thursday, February 1, 2007

Top Secret mission. More like 1998

Matt, Carrie, Amanda, Me

My dad came home from the dump one day with a deflated inflatable boat. We spent the day in preparation for "A Top Secret Mission" by finding holes and patching them with super glue and duct tape. When deemed sea worthy, we held a meeting in the basement. No light. No chance of implanted recording devices. Our Mission: to put a hat on the indian on Indian Island. We recieved our assignments, donned our camo, and went over the mission plan.

Dad drove the motor boat up to 100 yards of target. Matt and I slipped into said inflatable boat (only moderately inflated). Dad drifted backwards and turned off all lights and sound. We were on our own. As Matt and I pattled stealthily to the island, Carrie kept watch with the night vision goggles and Amanda held communication silence over the radios. We arived, Matt put grass in his bandana.

Upon inspection, the indian was taller than we had expected. I would have to climb on Matt's shoulders to reach. He complained about this for awhile. Second obstical: the indian's head was too big for the Marine hat! This was turning out to be more difficult than planned. We had already been on the island too long. I improvised, perched on Matt's shoulders, and tied the string as best I could around indian's neck. We then sounded a hasty retreat.

The hat was still perched the next day as we innocently drove by to get groceries.

Mission accomplished.

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Monika said...

so are you not gonna post anything else until someone comments on this blog? it is a pretty great story so im kinda surprised that no one commented...but now i have so post another one :)