Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Proud big sister!

This blog is dedicated to my baby sister. I gave her a "This is what a feminist looks like" T-shirt for Christmas two years ago and she's been doing it proud ever since. She's graduating highschool in June in the top 5 of her class, will have a black belt in karate, and did her sr. project on rock climbing (and picked up the instructor while she was at it)

Blonde2theb1: i'm going to concord tomorrow to support the repeal of the parental notification law in new hampshire
Blonde2theb1: and i commented on the ad in your blog*
Blonde2theb1: and i did a college interview for middlebury today
Blonde2theb1: the woman and i got to talking about my thing tomorrow in concord and women's rights
Blonde2theb1: then she let me borrow her copy of the vagina monologues
Blonde2theb1: it was a good interview

*Amanda's addition to the commentary on the billboard I posted about a few days ago:
This is not about the body being beautiful, this is about the symbolism of an entire freeway passing through a woman’s open legs. But let’s all be thankful that the village slut can now be a little more comfortable while she services the entire commuting population. While you’re giggling to yourself about such a clever ad campaign, ask yourself what it means that the beautiful human body can now be conveniently reduced to two legs and a highway system. That’s all she really needs right?

Holyman 4 hire. (some shmuck)
Would someone please filter all the feminist screeching. Or at least distract them with some crap ass emotional story about children on the Oprah show.
How about that ad being changed to a lube covered hairy mans fist on one side and a bare ass twink boy bent over on the opposite side. Not my cup of tea but then I would just laugh at the ad while driving by. Sex is just sex and if you can’t understand this then good luck with enjoying it. And the loser half/man who agreed with the fem-baby’s should think about his sexual re-assignment surgery soon.

Feminism is for everybody with a beating heart and a functioning brain. It seems you’re lacking in both.

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Julie said...

I wish I had an older sister like you growing up... oh wait I am the older sister like you..