Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Birthday update:

DancingGrapes: hi. my birthday is on march 2. 2 weeks from friday
DancingGrapes: you'll be required to attend
MaLiciOsa2772: it must involve alcohol and nudity

Confirmed guests are:
MONIKA (Jello shot extraordinare)
Katherine (etc.)
Ken (Minister-to-be)
His brother


WEAK. I'm going to need a better showing from you people. Comment to RSVP so that I have a respectable number of guests to plan for. Thanks.


Bubbles said...

I never formally RSVP'd...

I might not be able to come.. I have to wash my hair.

Kate said...

you have no hair.

Monika said...

yeah so you go on and on about how im supposed to plan your birthday...we have talked multiple times about special jello shots...and i dont even get a spot on your guest list??? nice

Julie said...

I will be in Maine for your bday this year!

So no pails of alcohol at Pour House.

Bubbles said...

I don't care that it's your birthday! Every day is my birthday!