Monday, February 5, 2007

-2 Degrees

Got up this morning, treated myself to some pre-made coffee and started my day talking some social justice. Namely violence against women. I wish I could start every day talking with people as enlightened and committed to creating change in our world. It gets me pumped.

Test in music. I was the 2nd one done, which is pretty regular for me but always makes me nervous. It can either mean that I'm just way more on my game than everyone else, or I just fucked up bad. We shall see which one this time.

So that leaves me over an hour to sit around before my next class (12.15ish to 1.25). I went and sat outside the classroom, was patiently reading my text. Round about 1.10 some other ladies show up. One actually checks the door and realizes that class is cancelled. I even checked my email to make sure nothing was amiss today. I sat around for an hour on the floor. Just because I'm too trusting to check the door. Ohhhhh my.

Nothing to report from the weekend. I got a new digital camera from my mom (belated Christmas) but haven't had anything photo worthy happen. Mostly because instead of going out and doing anything college-student worthy, I stayed holed up and played Guitar Hero. ALL WEEKEND. Legit 8+ hours on Saturday. Don't judge me.

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