Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WOMEN are hurting WOMEN

Gloria Steinem said "In my heart, I believe that a woman can be two things: a feminist or a masochist."

The problem is that these masochists aren't just hurting themselves. They hurt EVERYONE. I understand that some women are anti-abortion. I get it. What I do NOT understand is women - ESPECIALLY women who have HAD abortions. Have had MULTIPLE abortions - deny other women that same RIGHT to make their own decisions, maybe even their own mistakes.

Case in point: Rhonda Arias. The woman had FOUR abortions. Was an alcoholic, a coke fiend and attempted suicide. But none of that is her fault. It's not even because she was sexually abused as a child, not because she lost her father at an early age. Not even because she was raped, forced to carry a child from the rape, and give birth alone to a premie who went up for adoption. NO. It is because of her first abortion (which, by the way, she held off on until it was legal. Lucky her.) And no woman should ever have the chance, neigh the burden, to have the same opportunity to make a choice about their lives. She did it, she fucked it up, she regrets it, and hey, abortion is an easy scape goat. None of the things that have gone wrong in Arias' life were her fault. They were the fault of the evil abortion. And by the by, if abortion had still been illegal, none of this would have happened. There would have been another abandoned child in an orphanage and the world would have been perfect.

South Dakota based their ludacris ban last year on the premise that "women cannot end their pregnancies without
'suffering significant psychological trauma and distress,' because 'to do so is beyond the normal, natural and healthy capability of a woman whose natural instincts are to protect and nurture her child.'”

Women are MADE to bear children. We don't know any better. Those of us that deny this baser instinct will become coke fiends and eventually kill ourselves.

When women don't have babies, or their babies die, we should throw them in jail with a FIFTEEN THOUSAND dollar CASH bail. An 18 year old allegedly took Misoprostol - a legal ulcer medication - and when to the hospital later when she had bad stomach pains. A fetus was born. It died. SO the mother is being held with the possibility of up to SEVEN years in jail. Let's go ahead and say that this teenager did try to abort her baby. Last I checked ABORTION WAS LEGAL. I am so naive.

Let's roll with this. Abortion is "legal". This girl, had she had the resources (or the education, but I won't even get started on that!) she could have been rid of that fetus weeks ago and gone about her life. She didn't, she was clearly desperate, she took some legal drugs. IT"S HER DAMN BODY SHE CAN EAT WHATEVER SHE WANTS. She goes to the hospital, the fetus dies and now she's being held for "procuring an improper miscarriage". That sounds a lot like an illegal abortion to me. I must have confused this for 1967 - not 2007. What century are we in again?

Let us roll a bit further. Ok. Alcohol's a legal drug, BUT not for women because women might be pregnant and as we know fetuses are underaged. SO an of age women is banned from drinking alcohol cause if she's pregnant, and if the fetus comes out funky, or early, better believe there's gonna be some trouble. "procuring an improper miscarriage"???? What the FUCK is that??? How about this; Women of childbearing age can not drink. They can not take prescription medication. They can not go down stairs (for risk of falling). They can not drive cars (God forbid there be a crash that kills the FETUS!). Don't let them ride the roller coasters or the fast rides. It might be too much for the fetus.

Even better. They should all be taking Folic Acid. Just like Daisy Fuentes.
According to the March of Dimes: "If all women consumed the recommended amount of folic acid before and during early pregnancy, up to 70 percent of all NTDs could be prevented."

Clearly if anything's wrong with the fetus it must be the mother's fault. 70% of all NTDs could be prevented!!! But only if it's taken BEFORE a woman is pregnant. Well just have it be a rule. You've got your period, take folic acid until menopause. You're body's for babies. If you don't take it, and the fetus is fucked up, you're going to jail. What? You didn't want the fetus in the first place? Well too bad, you had sex and this is your punishment. Seven years in jail and a $15,000 fine. And while you're in jail, Rhonda Arias will come and make it clear to you why this "improper miscarriage" has ruined your life. Sure she had 5. And that baby from the rape that she gave away. But you were very wrong. She's just trying to show you why it's necessary for you to be in jail to think about what you've done.

Why in the world is it fair that a woman in my life - who had kids. On purpose. And loved them. Why was it that her suicide was successful and Arias couldn't even slit her wrists the right way?


Monika said...

okay kate i can see some of your points in this blog but there is one distinction that needs to be made...i understand that you need to refer to a baby as a fetus in order for your arguments to be valid BUT when you write "A fetus was born." is no longer a is in fact a baby...a humanbeing. say what you want about a child while it is part of a womans body but the story that you just told seems to be about a baby dying because of what the mother did. you are right abortion is legal and if she wanted an abortion that is in fact what she should have done. but that is not what she did.

i do agree with you 100% about the other woman though that condemns those who have abortions when she herself had multiple ones.

Kate said...

it was not a viable baby. It could not live. It became detached and consequently died. Why is that the woman's fault? Because she took back her blood??? The drug didn't kill the non-viable being - it induced labor and the baby didn't survive. No one is REQUIRED to donate organs. Not even to save a child. No woman is required to donate her body because someone else is uncomfortable with abortion.

Monika said...

question number one: was the drug that she took perscription? did she have a perscription for it?

question number two: isnt one of the main arguments for having abortion be legal be so that young girls dont have to find ways to abort their own babies? i would think that you would find someone doing something like this a slap in the face for what you have worked for. abortion is legal. if you want to abort your child at least do it in a legal way. inducing labor as a form of abortion i dont believe is legal. i have no sympathy for people who cant at least follow the law as it is.

why does abortion even need to be legal if girls can just take an ulcer medicine and abort their own child? that sure gets rid of the arguments that if abortion was made illegal again that girls would be using coathangers....

(disclaimer/clarification-although i do not think that abortion is right i also do not think that it should be outlawed)

Kate said...

Have you never taken anything not prescribed to you?

Legality and accessibility are two VERY different things. Let's look: She's a teenager, she's a minority, she's from Lawrence which isn't a rich area. Abortions at her stage are in the thousands of dollars. The closest abortion clinic is in Boston (1055 Commonwealth Ave). How about she doesn't have the money? How about she doesn't have the transportation?

I'm pissed because abortion may be legal but the reality isn't different; women are not able to practice control when it matters the most. I'm pissed because why didn't she have an educational system that taught her about her body and about her options? Why didn't she have resources to get her funding? To get her transportation? Why didn't she have an authority figure that could help her figure out how to get out of school or work for the day? She's a teenager! Why didn't she have ANY advocate fighting for her? They're all to busy fighting for her dead baby.

She's 18-years old.

Monika said...

that is a pretty big overstatement to say that all the advocates are fighting for the baby (although i am glad you used the word baby and not fetus because in this case is was actually a baby)

i can see why the situation is frustrating to you and especially to her but she took drugs not perscribed to her (illegal) with the intention of inducing labor which would knowingly lead to the death of a human being (also illegal).

are you really saying that this girl had no other choice? because i really dont think that is the case. are there no other underprivledged teenagers in lawrence who have been able to obtain legal abortions? why is she different and allowed to be above the law? there was a legal route that she could have taken and she did not. she even had 23-25 weeks to take a legal route! thats 5 months!

Julie said...

I believe the more PC term for coke-fiend is illegal drug addict Kate. And I am very offended by your use of this term.

I don't think I can read your blog anymore :)

Kate said...

I love how everyone's so willing to be so compassionate for this poor unfortunate "baby" and not for the woman. I think for Valentine's day I'm going to take a leap off of my priviledge seat in society and have some love for women because no one else seems to be able to.

Kate said...

What if the woman had gone into premature labor, the baby was born in the same state as this one (1.25lbs, unable to eat, unable to breath etc). The parent has the ability to take it off life support effectively actually killing it. Poor woman couldn't figure out how to kill the baby the right way is the problem.

Monika said...

it not a matter of not having compassion or concern for the woman (and kate lets be honest you dont need a holiday like valentines day to show some love for do that everyday) its a matter of showing compassion and concern for both the woman and the baby. and this is where your arguments concern me because they give no thought to the baby, only to the woman. that pisses me off. it cant be such a narrow focus. just as you chastise people for only concerned for the baby, the same can be said for only being concerned with the woman. come on are you telling me that we really cant be concerned about both? because to me that seems to be how it should be.

Monika said...

if she had gone into premature that hadnt been induced then that would be a completely different situation.

and your right she couldnt figure out how to kill her baby the right way..which you know should have probably been a legal abortion before the 24th week of her pregnancy

Julie said...

Either no one else reads your blog or no one else cares...

Because you two and I are the only ones commenting