Saturday, January 20, 2007

Unfortunate Soul

Unfortunate things happen to me.

Another day of work, this time in addition to Monika, Karlyn and myself, Julie was there. I'm pretty sure Monika was seconds away from getting written up. We did no work. And I was the only one being punished, banished up to section 1 all by myself. So I was scheduled to do drawers (count the $$ at the end of the night) and I haven't since before Christmas break. And it's with Ant. I famously locked the keys in the office one night with her when we spent 20 minutes trying to call and get another manager up and out to come back and unlock it for us. She hates closing with me.

Andy explains it that when I close drawers and they're off, I freak out and know that I'm the biggest dumbass ever - I can't even close drawers right ONE NIGHT. Monika closes drawers and they're off and she just assumes that someone else fucked up. Cause she's perfect.

So I get through the whole night, the deposit is off by .01 and Ant is HAPPY to find me that penny. I get everything done, go to put the money in the pouch, and realize there has to be a $10 bill cause the total was an odd ten digit. You've got to be kidding me. Fast foward, Jesse is looking in the hallways, Karlyn is on hand and knees crawling on the floor, Ant is ripping open envelopes, I'm banging my head into the wall. Turns out I counted it exactly, there was a $50 that made the total $70. Officially I'm an asshole.

But can we talk about Karlyn literally crawling around looking under people's feet?

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Monika said...

OMG.....i almost fell off my bed reading are a dumbass and not anywhere nearly as perfect as me. but i am very sad that i miss all of that