Thursday, January 25, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

I have to post something new - the last one already cost me a night of sleep and is rapidly ruining my day. SO. Something things to make me smile:

(Get it?? Cause it's cold out...!!)

"a lifetime of sexual frustration and resentment isn't good for marriages or other living things."

"I believe that people are obligated to meet the sexual needs of their respective spouses—within reason (no shit in my mouth; don't fuck my best friends; if you're into amputees you should marry one, not make one; etc.)."
-The brilliantly witty Dan Savage!

I'm imagining he's heart-caming me...

Dance Dance REVOLUTION (extreme.) Notice the eye patch...awww

St. Patricks Day!

spitting mud


Monika said...

can i please play dance dance revolution...i never have and i think i might suck at it and i think you will laugh and make fun of me....which is really nothing out of the ordinary

Kate said...

You can ABSOLUTELY play dance dance REVOLUTION! I don't have the good one but we can make due. I'm going to play tonight. And maybe some Guitar Hero!!

Julie said...

Um I have both of those at my apartment! Come and play with me.

Also- is that person puking in that Bonaroo picture?

Kate said...

She is not puking! (That'd be really funny/gross tho) She's spitting out mud that I got in her mouth. (Also pretty funny/gross) HAHAHAh

Julie said...

I would rather be puking!