Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sometimes the Captain gets me drunk...

ex-boyfriend: I got a voicemail saying you talked with some of my friends a few nights back...
ex: who did you talk to
ex: cuz all i got was this loud voicemail and i couldn't tell who it was from
me: what did the voicemail say?
ex: something like "hey theres this girl here who knows you and she said you guys had sex"
me: ok. not really what happened!
ex: have a few beers in you kate?
me: how did you even know it was me though?
ex: i thought who goes to bars
ex: I'm assuming thats where this was
ex: and I know you like to talk when you are a little drunk

Uh. Huh.

yes that is an atm you see in the background :)
10:05pm The night begins in an ATM vestibule.

the bottle is empty...about 5 min after it was opened
5 minutes later.

kate likes to take thumbs up pictures...there will be many more
Thumbs up for a good night

they dont like vodka tonics...youd never know that from how fast they pounded that drink
Drinking Monika's drink while she's texting.

this is what i had to say about their thumbs down
Thumbs down for Monika texting.

um...what are you doin kate?

Monika had abandoned us at this point.

kate doesnt look too impressed with her thumbs up
Good Night.


Monika said... you can tell from the pics this was one AMAZING night! kate, karlyn, me, and the captain...cant really go wrong.

only kate can make about 10 guys all grab for their phones at the same was pretty classic...and hilarious

Julie said...

PS... Parrot Bay DOES NOT count as the Captain that gets me drunk.

I only party with the original.

Monika said...

well miss julie you were too cool to party with the original capt or the rest of us...