Monday, January 22, 2007

Other blogs for Choice

I'm going to post quotes from other blogs for choice because I think they're amazing and encourage a little detour reading them in full. Here's a full list of blogs.

Way better than I worded my blog for choice, I love it.

Because it’s a matter of fundamental bodily integrity, because the decision to bear a child belongs solely to the person doing the bearing, because women will seek abortions no matter what and if they’re illegal then thousands of women will suffer or die from back-alley hack jobs, etc., etc.

I know: we could do [a pamphlet] written from the point of view of a woman bleeding to death on the floor of a motel bathroom as the illegal abortionist hightails it out of there with the cash and the coathanger in his pocket. It could end with the dead woman in Jesus’s arms, asking “Whatever happened to Roe v. Wade?”

Abortion isn’t some girly “choice” thing, like which brand of tampon to use or what color nail polish to apply. It’s the right to control our bodies. It’s the right to determine what happens to our bodies, to determine if we will bear children, to determine our own destiny.

Also, its settled I'm moving to Santa Cruz come August.


ps3785863 said...
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Rachel said...

Oooh...quality stuff!