Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Naked Foot

I decided to wear heels to work's only 5 hours and then I'm going out.

I had blisters by the time I got there.

I go meet Dakota and Heather. We drink some whiskey. I convinced them to go to a bar rather than a club cause my feet can't take that. Mo called at about 5 "I have to see you". So by 11 Dakota and Heather and I are heading out to meet Dan and Sarah at Pour House where Mo etc are. No one particularly wants to go to Pour House, but people are there so its an easy meeting spot. My blisters have popped by this point and D's offering piggy back rides.

We get to Pour House, get in line (for probably the first time I've EVER stood in line) Dan almost walks right past me until Sarah says hi. Get inside. Mo texts that she's leaving. Well fuck her I just got a beer.

End of the beer, we head for greener pastures, I take off my shoes for the journey. I gave it my all, my feet are bleeding. Round about the Christian Science Center I have GOT to pee. Heather and I are fighting for some NYPizza but D's not going for it. "Just go here!" "there's not place, its all cement!" they convinced me to go behind the tarps/subway stairs. Mid-stream "Kate. Stop. Now. Security" I hurry to finish. "No, really Security" so I start hikin em up and walking. I blame Heather and Dakota for what pretty much constitutes me peeing my pants. I WASN'T FINISHED! And I didn't get NYPizza. Altogether not so much a success for Kate. I"m going to soak my bleeding feet.


Tara said...

well, i'm glad that pee wasn't taken on the christian science center

Tara said... the pool, to be more specific, which is what i was half-way expecting