Friday, January 26, 2007


NP157: i just read your "women are hurting women" entry
NP157: I bet most guys are scared shitless of you
NP157: you're scary when you rant about abortion
NP157: but it's refreshing to read someone discuss a topic they are clearly very passionate about

Nate's awesome and I adore him but lets talk about some things.
1. There was nothing about men in the post at all. That's a problem on the level that apparently these women in jail AND the woman in Lawrence got pregnant by themselves. However, the fact that there was nothing about men in the post and yet that is still the first thing that comes to mind "No wonder Kate is single!"

2. It is totally inappropriate if a guy is in fact scared because a woman has a brain or because a woman isn't afraid to speak up about her body.

3. Using "rant" degrades what was being commented on to a mere hysterical outbust. Aww look at the crazy lady spewing her abortion propaganda.

4. The last line. Patronizing. I got an internet pat on the head for attempting to have an opinion about politics.

Nate I love you! I know that's not what you meant.

In other news. Why do we think I don't have a boyfriend????

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Monika said...

i dont think that you being a crazy feminist is what "scares boys away"...i think you are just too damn hot and thats what scares boys away :)