Friday, January 12, 2007

Fat Kids

Corrine and I went to eat. Usually I like nothing and end up with cold cereal. Today, I wanted everything. When Dakota saw me walk by with my 3rd plate of food she mentioned I may be PMSing...ohhhhhhhhhh.

So when Corrine and I settled down with our collective 10 plates of food we realized that she sat us at the same table as the most beautiful man on campus and his friends. Oh well, we start scarfing. The boys sit and talk about their ex relationships and what went wrong, how they feel about their exs now. How they are single and where they are going to go tonight to meet women. Corinne and I stopped the carnage long enough to listen. Then the boys begin to include Corinne and I in the conversation. I think we smiled and nodded.

Recap: beautiful boys, single, going to Our House tonight to hit on women. And I'm on duty. Foiled again!


Monika said...

there are no beautiful men at our house...i was there last night...maybe im just too old for our house (okay thats not so much maybe as it is a known fact)...but point is you didnt miss much at our house last night

Kate said...

Maybe they'd already found women for the night...WHY NOT ME!?!?