Monday, January 29, 2007

Drops of Jupiter in her hair

Mo asked about Randy yesterday at brunch and my response was that we hadn't spoken in awhile but I was thinking about going home this weekend to see his cousins who are coming up from Conn. ( I'm fairly close with his family).

His ears must have burned because who do I get an IM from last night but the man himself. He requested "a drink or something" and I told him I was thinking about going to NH to see his family and he really didn't say much about that being a good idea.

This morning the song that reminds me of Dan (a cousin) came on while I was pondering the conundrum (coincidentally my mom will be in Boston this weekend, but at a conference). Do we think any of these things are signs?


Julie said...

Most confusing post ever.

Monika said...

yeah i agree...i have no idea what you are talking i thought this was gonna have to break my streak of commenting...