Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dating Redeemed

Dad: you may want to skip this one.

So my last date - in August - was a bust. I've been on hiatus. But Sergio is the love of my life and has totally restored my faith in the practice.

I thought he had blown me off, but upon further inspection saw that he called me right after he had gotten out of work. I pulled out all the stops. Pink stilleto boots, pink cleavage shirt, Prada perfume on the pulse points. My hair even looked good.

Dinner at Whiskeys (which was weird without Julie and Tim there and it's the 2nd time this week I've gone there and thought that). Got a little motorboat while we waited for a table. We toasted with our water glasses. Then cheesecake from the Factory which we took to Borders. We played straight for awhile, collected some dirty magazines and some cocoa. Honestly, what other date will enthusiastically rate the merits of model's penis size and girth over coffee?

I even got a little smooch and pat on the fanny goodnight.

It was perfect.

And my iPod didn't even run out of battery before I got home!

1 comment:

Sergio said...

You are so amazing. I really wish you were a non-hippie gay man.

I can't wait for our second date.