Saturday, January 20, 2007

41 Shopping Days...


Monika says she'll throw the party complete with themed jell-o shots. I asked her not to invite any of her friends cause I probably won't like them.

You've been warned.


Monika said... friends are awesome...i didnt hear you complaining about them at my holiday party!...but i prob wont invite any of my friends anyways cuz they totally wont like you :-p

i do need to figure out the theme of the jello shots....could i put buried treasure in them...that might cause people to choke....omg but not if its like gummy treasures or something!!!

Kate said...

gummies get soggy in jello. I know this because of the gummy fish that used to swim in the jello ocean that my mom used to make. But TREASURE is a wonderful Idea. If people choke it's because they're dumb!

Julie said...

Either way they sound gross, so I won't come

Kate said...

Julie. Your presence is non-negotiable. You can bring Tim.