Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I'm nervous!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

What the Smile on my face meant


The best birthday
LOTS of great live music (Langerado, Umphrey's, Citizen, Soulive, Gym Class Heroes...)
Some falling outs, some reconnection, some new amazing people
5-P Penguin Pizza
Siri came to visit
Dad + Liz 4evr
Graduation Summa Cum Laude
Job a week later
Apple picking and cider donuts
Big sunglasses and leg warmers
Decompression Party
My dog likes me the best

Quite the year. I remember more good than bad. I have great hope for 2008.

As for New Years Eve - last year was hands down the best NYE of my 22 NYEs thus far. Tomorrow I host the NYE Finer Things Bash along with my pal Nate. I've picked my dress, watched Martha Stewart DVDs and spent about $300 on booze. There will be chocolate shot glasses and a full dinner and if nothing else - I've horded a gigantic bottle of champagne for an emergency. Everyone cross your fingers with me 'cause I have high expectations...

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The purpose of life

That being said, off to the WISE holiday party...

Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Nate: "This reminded me of you:"

Nate: "it would cost over $3000 to fill our dining room 4' deep with play pit balls."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cell v. Human

And it's always risky to pit the idea of "baby," to which people respond with unconditional love, against the idea of "woman," which they may say they value in the abstract but on a case-by-case basis judge rather harshly.

Egg Initiatives Crack Open the Case Against Women
By Gloria Feldt
WeNews commentator

(WOMENSENEWS)--Every sperm is sacred when it has fertilized an egg, to paraphrase Monty Python's satirical lyric from "The Meaning of Life."

But all joking aside, the meaning of a woman's life will likely be before voters next year in states where efforts to grant legal personhood to fertilized eggs are on the ballots.

Colorado's proposed initiative extends the state's constitutional protections to "any human being from the moment of fertilization." The Colorado Supreme Court has approved that wording and it will appear on the ballot if it garners just 76,000 signatures.

Similar initiatives and referenda are in various stages of development in Michigan, Mississippi and Montana. And it's highly likely the wave will extend far beyond states that begin with "M."

If passed, women would become less than second-class citizens. Our status as persons would become legally subordinate to fertilized eggs even before a pregnancy is established.

According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, the U.S. Supreme Court's Gonzales v. Carhart decision last April--for the first time giving more value to potential fetal life than to the pregnant woman's life and health--demonstrates that threats to federal protection for reproductive rights are real. The center's attorneys predict at least 30 states--including Colorado, Mississippi and Michigan--would outlaw abortion in a nanosecond absent federal restraints.

But I'm not ringing alarm bells.

Opportunity Knocks
I'm sounding the gong of opportunity. Fetal personhood initiatives could be the best thing since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973. Maybe even since Griswold v. Connecticut made birth control legal in 1965.

That's if, and only if, the pro-choice movement confronts the challenge head on and goes boldly toward a new moral rhetoric and legal agenda rooted in human rights.

Roe and Griswold based their expansion of women's rights on a presumed constitutional right to privacy which, though valuable and necessary, doesn't speak to higher-order ethics. So privacy isn't always sufficient to protect women's bodily integrity and moral standing in the law.

Let's face it: Weigh the moral scales of privacy against life and there is no contest. That's precisely why a woman's right to her own life in full, not just physical survival, must be given sufficient weight to tip the scales of justice to a human rights framework for reproductive self-determination.

The reason reproductive rights, including the right to choose abortion, are advancing in many--even unlikely and more religious--parts of the world like Mexico, Ethiopia and Portugal is because proponents of these advances are grounding their jurisprudence and rhetoric in human rights agendas.

Human rights also pack a more compelling moral punch than does the concept of choice. To me, "choice" means nothing less than the basis for all morality. But "choice" has been used for so long in a commercial sense (e.g., you get to choose the color of your lipstick) that its usefulness in arguing the meaning of life has been compromised.

U.S. women--once at the vanguard and now in danger of full retreat--must demand that our childbearing decisions are honored as ours--and ours alone--to make. The brazen clarity of the motivation of the egg-first push gives us a golden opportunity to affirm women's human rights and be resolute in expecting our society to display a sense of justice toward us.

Controversy Is Good
Having been in this battle for many years, I understand why the thought of fighting it out vote by vote over a subject many Americans would as soon not think about strikes fear into the hearts of veteran activists for a woman's right to choose.

There's no question such campaigns consume vast financial and human resources better spent providing reproductive health care and education. And it's always risky to pit the idea of "baby," to which people respond with unconditional love, against the idea of "woman," which they may say they value in the abstract but on a case-by-case basis judge rather harshly.

But controversy grabs public attention. It creates a platform for messages otherwise lost in media overload.

When an ambivalent electorate has had to grapple with such fundamental issues, time after time they have come down on the side of common sense, provided they have adequate information and courageous leadership willing to take a clear stand.

I learned this firsthand when anti-choice forces in Arizona (where I was then CEO of a Planned Parenthood affiliate) announced they were launching a 1992 ballot initiative to outlaw almost all abortions, "The Preborn Child Protection Amendment." Pro-choice hand-wringing was rampant. I predicted it would be the best organizing vehicle we could possibly have. Despite being outspent 4-to-1, we defeated the initiative 2-to-1 in a typically red state.

Last year South Dakota voters turned back their state legislature's draconian abortion ban, though by a much smaller margin, smaller in my view because the debate centered on circumstances justifying abortion rather than principles of women's self-determination.

Voters Reject Anti-Choice Measures
In between, almost every anti-choice ballot measure has been defeated by a vote of the people.

The same can happen in Colorado and the M-states and beyond, but only if the pro-choice movement embraces the opportunity and truly becomes the reproductive justice movement advocating for the human rights of women.

So far, reactions have been disappointingly mired in the ruts of old thinking.

"All fertilized eggs could use the courts, and that lays the foundation for a potential onslaught," a Colorado NARAL representative said.

Yes, a court quagmire could result. But the legal minutiae are not what matter most.

Nor should we give in to the very real temptations to treat the whole thing as a hoot. Yes, it's absurd to wonder about our new egg-dated birthdays and to point out that pregnant women travelling overseas might have to get passports for their fetuses. It's somewhat more compelling to speculate that hormonal or intrauterine birth control would be criminalized.

Those approaches might win short-term victories, but over time they will push our rights to the vanishing point like Mum and Dad's 63 children in the Python spoof. The kids were eventually sold for medical experimentation because their parents, whose religious ideology deemed every sperm sacred, couldn't afford to care for them once born.

The newest ballot measures put the core question of the relative value of women and fetuses front and center. It's a public debate that, if engaged fully and courageously, will write a new refrain: Every woman's life is sacred.

*Also check out Eileen McDonagh's Breaking the Abortion Deadlock: From Choice to Consent

side note: when i read abortion related things - specifically how people want to tell me that a cell mutation from my own body is more important than me, i want to have an abortion out of spite

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dressed for feminism

"the big lie of liberal feminism: that you as an individual woman can liberate yourself by being good enough, savvy enough, enlightened enough (and of course, by dressing for success)."

Monday, December 10, 2007


someone: I'm pretty sure you could make a case that everything leads to violence against women
me: interesting
i would suggest that's because we live in a patriarchal society which exists on the premise of violence against women
without violence, patriarchy wouldn't exist
someone: i think we used to
me: we use to live in a patriarchy?
someone: yes
me: we still live in a patriarchy.
someone: not completely
me: absolutely completely
someone: possibly not at all soon
me: not likely
but my hope is someday
someone: you want hillary then
me: hillary has not much at all to do with it
someone: wouldnt she
me: no
lots of feminists have penis's and lots of vaginas are misogynistic

"someone" = educated, white, middle class, christian, able-bodied, heterosexual man.
"me" = educated, white, middle class, christian, able-bodied, heterosexual woman.

Happy Monday!

There was no creamer at the office today so I trudged through the snow in my stilleto boots to get some. The guy at the gas station gave me a chocolate. My boots leave funny footprints.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Open Love Letter to John Krasinski

"Hi, my name is Kate. I'm an education co-ordinator for an anti-violence and stalking center in NH. I've seen you on TV and I love you. The kind of love where we make babies together. I think we would make very attractive babies. We should be together. My mother and coworkers agree. If you're single and interested please write back. We would have to meet at your place though, as I currently live in my mother's basement, and there are strict rules on fornication before marriage.

Your Future Wife"

66 years

Since the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Becoming Radical

From Beyond Multiple Choice

Sadly, women's studies classes too often convey this same point of view, thinly disguised. Whether it's the queer-theory, gender-performativity folks bringing on the revolution via drag parties; or the third-wave crowd confessing that they like nail polish and missionary-position sex and what of it (what, indeed?); or the "sex-positive," whips-and-leather crew selling dominance as hot and radical. . . well, sometimes I just don't recognize this movement as what I signed on for, even as recently as the late 80's. (I can't imagine what the second-wavers must be thinking.) I guess it's a lot easier to display your rebellious spirit when you're not being asked to think about (let alone do) anything particularly demanding. It's probably even easier when you can believe that whatever you're already doing is itself positively revolutionary—or, more chillingly, that doing to others as you've been done to is really what liberation is all about.

My students, for the most part, aren't buying it. They are hungry for distinctions of value, for something besides "anything goes." They sense that their culture is seriously deranged at some pretty deep levels, and they want some way to understand and navigate the (mostly crappy) choices that this culture offers them.

Also hear her speak (it's long):

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Post from work

I email myself quotes and tidbits as I wade through the piles on my desk and in my email. I will unload some periodically on here. Discuss amongst yourselves (or in comments...)

"I don't know that we need to change women's behavior. I am pretty clear
that we need to change men's." - Rus Funk (discussing strip clubs and pornography and it's perpetuation of violence against women).

Dateline experiment in Predatory Drugs (I LOATHE "date rape"). This makes me NEVER want to go to a bar. Having been drugged - dispite all the "proper precautions" - I absolutely resent sharing living space with guys who are not only not appauled, but enthusiastic about drugging women to Rape them. Even more, I resent implications that I hear every day about women being "stupid" drinking too much, accepting drinks, leaving drinks unattended. Make no mistake. It is not being intoxicated that makes me vulnerable when I go out. It is being a woman.
"An attorney is but a condom," he bragged, "protecting the prick who's screwing someone else."

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Adina's midnight post

Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement

The Onion

Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement

WASHINGTON—"All the feminist movement needed to do was hire someone who had the balls to do something about this glass ceiling business," said Peter "Buck" McGowan.

npurmort: nice blog post -- who's adina?
me: adina is a girl from NU that I adore, she thinks i'm smart and savvy
npurmort: haha
if she only knew...
me: i met Adina in social theory and was totally intimidated cause she's so academia smart and i was tryin to keep up
and she decided i'm a womans study genius and got into the minor
it's awesome that's cool
me: and she likes my blog
i love her it sounds like the two of you have a friendship through mutual admiration
me: kinda neat yeah, it is


"You're missing some good ice bashing"

:(...stupid work...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have known this too

Most important, I overlook what is obvious, noticing but not spotlighting the places of weakness that women know they have, that are the source of all the malaise. If only we could just say it, just talk about it. If only I could say, “Your problems would be over if you would…” But the answer always seems to lie in the place most unbearable to look, the place that can be approached only by nuance, in a sort of dance.

A place of extraordinary empathy.

Women seem to trust each other best by giving over the contents of their lives to another woman, who will allow those contents just to sit there undisturbed. Women look at each other and say, Yes, I have known this too.

There is a lot of wailing and not much explaining.

The women test you in another way: they watch to see how much you can listen to, how far down their road you can go without finding an answer.

From Conversations With Women by Sallie Caldwell

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Messages from the Universe

Don't let a little dispute ruin a great relationship

In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past.

The best relationship is when love for one another exceeds the need for one another.

How big of a dispute is still little? When is a relationship no longer great? How can we learn from the past and not bring it up?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Pink goggles are also wonderful for protecting sensitive eyes while cutting onions.

String cheese tastes better strung.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pink Goggles

It's 3:30pm. I haven't showered. I have the hair-stick up-crazy-grease thing going on. No bra. Big boy's shirt and sweats.

So the FedEx guy shows up with the pink goggles I've been waiting for for WEEKS! Everyone should have pink goggles for eye protection. You know, food fights, snowball fights, too bright living room lights etc. I run down stairs greet the man at the door - shaking with excitement (and a little because it's FREEZING outside). The delivery guy limps to the door, hands me the box, and says (not joking) "I hope you don't mind me saying that you're beautiful."

Even more beautiful now that I have my goggles and cheetah blanket on for couch-camping...

Feminism is a constellation

Feminism Is...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Music for the Post

2007 Decompression at the Queens Museum of Art

STIs gone wild

Chlamydia Cases Hit A Record High

Coincidentally, I had a meeting at PPNNE yesterday. Moral of the story is: get tested. Often. And use protection every time.

(I happen to be single and STD free... call me!)

Friday, November 2, 2007

is it any wonder

Last week I took pity on a poor homeless puppy who's owner is too sick on chemo/in and out of the hospital to take care of him. So we decided to foster. That made 4 dogs in our house. And 2 cats. If nothing else, it had to be good for some karmic brownie points, and at best, we'd have another cute little puppy to play with.

After a week of no sleep. We are giving the devil dog back to the universe. He's getting picked up today at 4 and good riddance. Last night, in the midst of barking, pooping in the house, trying to eat the cats and hump the other dogs, driving me out of my room, getting us up to take him out at 4 am...he somehow from his crate got my favorite pillow off of my bed and shredded it.

I was given said pillow a number of years ago as a birthday gift from my person. He said the color reminded them of me and I slept on it when I had migranes and every other pillow hurt too much. It was highly sentimental, I welled up this morning when I found the remains. It seems symbolic of the shreds of the relationship as the last thing I could cling to lay in pieces on the floor by the crate of my good intentions. It was a really fucking cool pillow.

Last night Chris and I went to dinner and a play. I had a margarita sampler (6 mini margaritas) and was delighted by colorful tequila in mini glasses with tiny straws. The show, DOUBT, was coincidentally about child predation in a catholic school. Really good. Difficult to watch. Reminecent of the gray shading within human character in Crash or Closer. Also kind of scary how convincingly someone can sound justifying child molestation and sucessfully garnering sympathy - rather than accountability for violence against a child.

Also coincidentally: We chose to wear fake mustaches to watch The Office. In which various characters were also wearing fake mustaches. Seriously. I think it means I'm cosmically connected to The Office.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Betty Friedan

"Men weren't really the enemy; they were fellow victims suffering from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill."

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

elephant puzzler

how to make crafty and abstractly artistic costume elephant ears cheap and easy. suggestions welcome. (the nose will be made from a slinky and elastic)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some Variations and Crooked Conversations

A brief update in some stolen spare time:

Thursday I took my sister to her first Umphrey's show! My own first was just a touch over a year ago (last July to be precise). Incredible time had by all.

10/25/07 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
Set I: Out of Order> Visions of Parin> In the Kitchen, Great American1> I've Got a Feeling1> Great American1, 13 Days> JaJunk
Set II: The Crooked One> Cherub Rock, Mail Package, Miss Tinkle's Overture, Much Obliged> Pearl Necklace2> Hurt Bird Bath
Encore: Pay the Snucka

1 Benny Yurco of Turkey Bullion Mafia (Guitar)
2 Chris Friday (Vocals

Two observations - Miss Tinkle's Overture may be the sexiest thing to hear live. Pay the Snucka was the best I've heard it yet.


Not to be cryptic, but I'm slightly amused by some recent bloggular activity. A certain person seems to be experiencing certain life circumstances reminicent of my own about 6 months ago. Ironically, she was one who opted out of being a decent person and it seems karma has caught up. Not that I wish this nameless person pain, but I can't help but doubt that s/he's realized the parallel and considered their part in my summer misfortunes (they're not one to get much beyond their own life). I don't know the details, as we've lost touch, nonetheless, I do chuckle at the universe sometimes.


I'm going to a Burning Man Decompression at the Museum of Arts in Queens this weekend. The theme is Concrete Jungle. My costume is beyond bitchin. I've got butterflies. Seriously.


Work has been beyond nuts, I'm a touch overwhelmed. Some things are coming up mid-Nov that will be a challenge personally. We'll see how it goes. I'm still in a holding pattern regarding "Getting Involved!" and "Getting a Life!" But I'm sure they're coming.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dress-up Party

Brilliant Idea:
We play dress up. Everyone brings dress-up decoration (from their own collection, or local thrift store), we compile in a dress-up box, and everyone gets to go through and decorate themselves to excess! Boas, beads, tiaras, giant glasses...the whole nine. Let's discuss...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Family Friend

I've noticed that one gets introduced as a "family friend" when one stops dating the son but still hangs around family functions (I get attached, ok?!)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

There's no place like Soulive

Last Friday my cousin Samm got married - the first of all my cousins (26 total). It was a beautiful ceremony, followed by a reception where no drinking or dancing was allowed. Stripped of my families two wedding talents, we left shortly thereafter. (The bride and groom were just 20, and dancing is a sin).

I dashed from Troy, NY Saturday morning to make it to Boston. The first time in my life I won something cool it was two tickets to Soulive. Soulive is awesome, and I wasn't tempting karma by not going just because Boston is far and I haven't seen my family in years (my grandmother was at the wedding, I haven't seen her since my high school graduation). I got to Boston, found some on street parking by my friend Jenn's house, and had 30 minutes before the doors opened. Then I got a call that the girl I offered the extra ticket to missed the bus and wasn't coming. Rather than scramble at the last minute to find someone else to go, probably someone who wouldn't appreciate Soulive as they should be appreciated, I made a big girl decision (tempting karma in mind); I went alone. And gave the extra ticket to the kid with dreads behind me. He didn't believe me. I think that's GOT to be good for some extra winning karma, right?

If it's in my 5 year plan to move to the West Coast, I'm certainly going to be there not knowing anyone for awhile. I should prepare for this by getting over my discomfort of going out alone. I not only stayed for the entire show (it was incredible!)I talked to some strangers, deflected a drunk frat guy (who looked a lot like the last drunken frat guy that hit on me in Boston...coincidence?) DANCED, and had myself a grand little time. Side note "I'm not here with anyone" was a surprisingly strong pick-up line. I'm more than a little creeped out by that.

Then Jenn and I went out "just for a little" keeping in mind that I had to work in northern NH at 11 the next morning. We went to 3 different bars, had $10 martini's bought for us by a guy so drunk he forgot to come back and talk to us, and got home somewhere around 3.30. I woke up 4 hours later, drove to Hanover, and worked a full day shift. So worth it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

PB & J!!!!

YAY Pam and Jim!!!!!

Fog inside the glass

Everyone keeps using a certain tone of voice and asking "how is it so far...?"

It's kind of awesome. I forgot how neat fall is in New England. Every morning I come dangerously close to driving off the road - I just can't get over how beautiful the mountains are.

To celebrate, last Saturday Chris and had a complete Fall-fest. We woke up early (like adults, he says) and went apple picking -
in VT, in the mountains, all of which were appropriate fall shades of orange, yellow, red and brown. I picked a bushel. A bushel is a LOT of apples!

We drank cider from the gallon jug while eating cider donuts fresh out of the oil (and still scalding hot) sitting outside and looking at the scenery. They may have been the most delicious things I've ever eaten. We went to the liquor store for a nip of Goldschlager for the cider - and walked out $100 later. We spiked the cider and carved pumpkins (mine has 2 faces so you can see it from either direction), while my mom baked us a pie (seriously, living at home is awesome) then we roasted pumpkin seeds, ate pie, and decided we needed a fall bonfire. So we did. With marshmallow. And beer. (In NH, a 24 of Octoberfest is $19.50. And you can get it at the gas station. I LOVE NH.)

Gap- I ran a shipment line and closed the store for the first time Sunday. Easier than it looks.
WISE - Had my first school today, and ran our group with pregnant/parenting DCYF kids by myself. Harder than they look.

The OFFICE premier today! I don't care what anyone says, Pam and Jim are going to be happy ever after.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Uncertainty rises from the depths of your imagination now and your first impulse may be to clamp down on your fantasies and become more rigid than usual. This inflexibility won't likely help you get through the stresses of the day. When you accept that you don't need to know where you are going, however, then you will be closer to your current destination.
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Colbie Caillat (particularly Bubbly)

Friday, September 14, 2007

A little more imaginary racism

From Feministing

This must be a coincidence.
And, not a new trend. Shudder to think.

Mote was responding to reports of a noose found hanging in a tree near a building that houses several African American campus organizations.
"The possibility that this act appears intended to bring to mind the horrific crime of lynching, which is such a terrible and tragic part of our nation's past, is particularly abhorrent," Mote wrote.

The noose, small and crudely tied, was found Thursday on a tree near the Nyumburu Cultural Center, home to the Black Faculty and Staff Association, the Black Explosion newspaper and other organizations.

Unlike the situation in Jena, LA, at least the President of the University of Maryland recognizes that hanging a noose from a tree near a group of black student and professor organizations is a hate crime. Let us not confuse this-hanging a noose from a tree-is a hate crime, it is not a prank, it is not irony, it is not something to overlook. It is a sign of impending danger and it is a reason to be afraid and should be taken very, very seriously.

What is wrong with people?

Commenting guidelines

There have been some comments that are making me uncomfortable, and since this is my virtual space, I've decided that my discomfort is reason enough for some objection. I left this in the comments, but would like to post for the general public to keep in mind while perusing this blog.

Hi Guys,
I'm really stoked that there's some conversation going on, and I appreciate opinions which differ from my own, but I'm going to ask that those who chose to comment will please research and educate themselves a bit before doing so. Even a simple skimming of a few related news sources would suffice. I've posted some materials here to get the conversation started, but these are by no means the extent of information that I have myself consumed while formulating my opinion, and I would ask that you go a bit beyond, especially where there are such intense feelings of bias in the materials that I have provided.

I would also ask for a modicum of respect in articulating differences of opinions and focusing on the topic at hand without attacking, or drenching your comments in condecention and sarcasm.

Finally, the bottom line is that this is my personal blog and I can say whatever I want to. I try to adhere to my sense of ethics in doing this, and those make it difficult for me to censor, but ultimately, I will if I feel that the comments are unwarrented, uneducated, or offensive. If you don't like it, get your own blog.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


There are children in school who needed an explanation as to why they were standing in front of the flag and singing the National Anthem this 9-11 because they were not born when it happened. People are in school who were not alive. I'm still processing that.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What the fuck

Here's the petition


Chris and I were cruising around northern NH and he bring up this post of mine from few months ago. He said he was with me until he got to the Radical Feminist stance that because there is an inherently unequal distribution of power between men and women in a patriarchy, true consent is impossible and because of this innate structure of our society, all heterosexual sex is essentially Rape.

I understand his concern, and appreciate his hesitation at being considered a Rapist because he is attracted to women (which I'll still argue he can't help.)It's good that Rapist is not a compelling title for him, that he doesn't want to be considered violent, abusive, destructive. These are not great things.

I also understand the power dynamic. Being of it and in it, recognizing that I've had a peachy life thus far. My problem is in taking offense to being called a Rapist, and being told he had no choice but to be such, Chris said that's when he stopped, and couldn't interact with the topic anymore. I think this is often the response to arguments that use such definitive and uncompromising language, but I agree with the feminist frustration at having to cater and sugar-coat years of a struggle so that we can get a little support from the opposite sex. I understand being defensive, but I think that should automatically call for one to then own up to one's own shit. Radical Feminist don't just say anything lightly, there's a reason. Defenses don't go up just for kicks, there's a reason. Check why. Maybe that automatic offensive taste in your mouth is an opportunity to engage.

It all comes down to privilege: White privilege, male privilege, adult privilege, the halo effect. Of course a heterosexual white man doesn't want to listen to a dyke feminist that he's a Rapist, doing so would force him to question his stance in society - and heaven forbid come to the conclusion that it isn't fair. Changing the world, making it equitable and ultimately better, is going to consist of those in power giving it up. I believe in giving it up for something better.

Most people I know want to deny that sexism/racism/any-ism exist here in 2007 - so in case you're being tantalized to that easy side of denial read this.

You never have to agree with everything, but I think it should be mandatory to consider it.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Media Stereotypes

The problem, he said, is that when such data are published, with no asterisk next to them saying they can’t be true, they just “reinforce the stereotypes of promiscuous males and chaste females.”

The Myth, the Math, the Sex

Note the totally sexist first paragraph...


My good buddy Chris took me on a cruise yesterday to find pumpkin things and get a general sense of my new digs (fun fact, my new office is going to be directly across the street from his fun!). Anywho, along the way we found not only an Indian restaurant/hookah bar, but a Thai place - in the same building! My one fear about leaving Boston (only having pizza and burger places to eat) is cured.

Other news: I love my job so far.

This is going to be good.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I know it must be hard to fathom that a girl doesn’t care what a smart man thinks about the thing that she cares most about in the world, or that there’s a movement that exists that doesn’t much take into consideration what men have to say on the topic.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Champagne and Trashbags

An odd shopping list, perhaps, but it's home, and it's good to be home. Mom says we're celebrating the future and trashing the junk. I just took a bath. A real, bath salts, bubbles, jacuzzi jets, tea, candles, neck pillow sort of bath. It's dark at night, the moon is brighter than I remember.

Graduation sucked. I had a day long anxiety attack trying to move and did a hundred trash runs up the fire escape. The ceremony was more shuffle than ever before - fitting, I suppose - long, boring, overly warm. I did wear a really cute dress. I found my lost keys, mailed my last check.

I'm 2 parts excited, 1 part nervous. If these next few months go well maybe I'll crash in mom's basement for the winter and spend rent $ on snowboarding lessons...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Uterine Parasite from The Onion

I'm too busy doing one of 4 things to post for real. This will continue at least into the next week. After that, stay tuned for highly censored photos. Until then, I laughed out loud at this article. I <3 The Onion.

Woman Overjoyed By Giant Uterine Parasite

The Onion

Woman Overjoyed By Giant Uterine Parasite

NEW BRIGHTON, MN— "I'm so happy!" Crowley said of the golf ball–sized, nutrient-sapping organism that will eventually require hospitalization in order to be removed.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Siri Eia Myhre
Today at 2:04pm
oki, my flight nr is FI 0635, Iceland air, i´ll be there at 12.05! can´t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started the countdown in April and in a mere 2 days, Siri will land at Logan. I can not wait!

Procrastination is like masturbation

Someone was in my stall this morning in Hurtig. The other two had already been used. My stall, the seat is always up when I go to use it. I figure it's either just been cleaned and I'm the first, or a transvestite uses it before me. Either way it seems cleaner.

I used tampons for the first time in 4 months this weekend. I once thought that tampons were the end of all convenience in menstruation receptacles. I was very wrong. Being apart from it made me newly appreciate and fall in love all over again with my cup. Let's just say it was a good thing I was already wearing red, stained shorts.

I recommend V for Vendetta, but you must not just watch it as entertainment. It is social commentary on a dystopia reminiscent of 1984 and of our current society. If you'd like guidance in this reading, I will watch it with you.

I cut off the tip of my thumb (a very tiny piece) which got lost in the spinach which went into the soup which I have thus aptly named "Thumb Soup" - a variation on spinach, sausage and white bean soup. Everyone's all grossed out that we ate it, but really, it already had turkey flesh in it, why is that less gross than human flesh?

It's ironic that this summer it has been difficult for me to keep up blogging. It seems the more I do and consequently have to write about, the less time I have or am willing to sit down and document it. Perhaps I'm merely mimicking Derrida in my refusal to be confined to archives of arbitrary past "truth" and have exchanged it for moments of agency that can never be contained.

Shout out to Adina, 'cause cool people read my blog. Pay attention; people that read my blog are going to be a big deal - and you heard it here first.

They say life goes full circle, but if you can never go back then you're never at the place you started at. This summer I've reconnected with lost people and places from my past, but it's never going back home because I'm a different person in a different place than I was before. Perhaps we were meant to take this time in order to be able to appreciate what we have and have had. Boston wouldn't have held the lure that it did without NH, and I wouldn't appreciate the mountains and the stars of NH without the lights and cement of Boston. The relationships that I had before were doomed because I wasn't capable of what they required. Perhaps they were never doomed, but were hibernating until now I am. I wonder if the people that shaped who I've become ever regret not sticking around to see what that is. You're missing out. Maybe I wouldn't be this person if they had stuck around.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

"for the Diva in every woman"

I went to link to this post and realized I never posted it. A distressing oversight which is thus remedied:


My brand new Diva Cup! It even comes with a little "diva" pin which I think I'm going to give to Dakota as a present. She doesn't read the blog so she won't know that it came with an alternative "menstrual solution". Keep that in mind for those of you who don't have me on rss feed yet...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Removable, permanent tattoos

Freedom-2 ink is surrounded by plastic beads that break with one laser treatment and the ink is absorbed into the body, erasing the tattoo.

At least now you can have "Billy Bob" removed when that disaster doesn't work out...

The cool part: a woman invented it :)

All gussied up

Pictures from the wedding:

It was great! I found out I've been betrothed since age 10 (to a champion boxer in the Air Force no less), heard "Since you were this high!", ate, drank, swam, jumped and was merry.

Nate has more pictures here and I'm sure eventually I'll make a complete album somewhere.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Update on Libertyville

We need less government control over people's lives, not more. This is why I'm against laws against abortion, marijuana, prostitution, gambling, etc. And few things are more dangerous than a group the feels compelled by God to regulate the morality of others. That's how you wind up with Talibans.

My father took it upon himself to pose the question from the Libertyville video "What should the consequences be if abortion were illegal?" on The overwhelming majority of responses are horrifying.

Pay special attention to any graphic depections. Yea. Not funny. Also, Gloria Steinem is NOT a man hater.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


If I take the job at PPLM that is so going to be my protester-torment response!

*Apparently there were some copyright issues, the video can be found here

Monday, July 30, 2007

But racecar is a palendrome, how can you not love them!?

Bathroom completion estimate has now been extended to the weekend (from one day). We're going to get into some real alternative shower solutions because I am not hauling all my stuff to the Marino at 6am to shower in the locker rooms. What with professional meetings/interviews all week so my normal plan of not showering won't fly.

I just had to buy a size 2 dress pants at Gap. Sizes are getting a little ridiculous - I started just about 3 years ago and was buying size 8.

Apparently Umphrey's covers Hall of the Mountain King - and did at the show Friday in RI. Most won't get this but it's a totally obscure classical instrumental that used to be my FAVORITE when I was really little (Dad remember!? I'll send you the Mp3 if I can ever find one to download...) Anyway that's awesome and I'm so bummed I missed it.

On the upside - 2 weeks til Siri's here AND classes are over AND festival time :)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The TVs on too much


Umphrey's McGee

07/28/07 Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
Brendan (Umphrey's) and Jeff (YMSB) started, segueing into
Yonder Mountain String Band
intro, Straight into the Darkness,King Ebenezer >
Transition into Umphrey's
Set I: In the Kitchen> Water, Prowler, Hangover, Wizard Burial Ground
Set II: Breathe> Slacker, Der Bluten Kat> 13 Days> Der Bluten Kat
Encore (w/ YMSB): Baby You're a Rich Man, Great American


The show was incredible - particularly the second set, and the collaborative efforts during the opener and encore. They transitioned from YMSB Steep Grade Sharp Curves into Umphrey's In The Kitchen and didn't take a setbreak until after 10.30. The show was about 8-12.30, with only one break. The lights were perfect - photo's compliments of Nate

Friday night I accidentally went out with Muffin, Lauren and Randy. Muff wanted me to set her up, being the friend that I am, phone came out, text messages were exchanged, and within 24 hours she has 2. (Matchmaker, matchmaker...)Saturday I had to shower somewhere other than my apartment (my bathroom is still not finished), luckily I ran into Matt at Whiskey's who so generously offered his shower for all my cleansing needs. The plan was to go to breakfast afterwards, but Saturday morning was *slightly* rough and by the time we made it to Mike's it was 1 and by the time we were done he dropped me directly off at South Station to catch a bus to NH. Needless to say, among other things, I had no pants. I had a towel, and 2 bottles of water, but no change of clothes for the show, or the next day. Nate says part of my charm is the fact that I have made it to 22 with some semblance of success considering the mess that is my day to day life. I figured I had a toothbrush, the rest could be improvised.

Another great weekend - this weekend will be NUTS but Dad's wedding is this weekend and I am stoked! It should be entertaining (and 80's!). Plus, both Randy and Nate will be at the wedding, as will Brittany, and the challenge for best date is on!