Saturday, December 16, 2006


Feministing was talking about rapists - virtually on SecondLife and Grand Theft Auto, and a letter from a man asking how not to become a rapist.
How about avoiding games that glorify raping? The link is the letter and response of how not to be a rapist (which I will say is MUCH more effective and relevant than how not to be a someone who is raped was supposed to avoid it, like someone who is raped ultimately is to blame for it.) Thinkinggirl talks about it but there is a difference between seduction and rape. Women may dress up but they are not dressing up for YOU. Women are not objects to be desired, whom the asker has to avoid in order to not rape, they are PEOPLE. Novel Idea.

I agree with Tara ( How can people read these things and not be totally offended? If you're offended, you're a feminist.

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