Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My life as a sitcom

I've been home 3 whole days.

Saturday night I'm sitting and chatting with Katherine, Derek and Sean at One Mile West (the only bar in Sunapee and the only "good" bar south of Lebanon). The boys were trying to convince K and I that we should go sledding in ballet flats and tshirts. A little brunette bounces over and corners me in the corner mid conversation.

Girl: Hey! Remember me!?
me: umm...(glance around for help...) no.
Girl: You don't remember me!!??
me: are you sure you have the right person?
Girl: yes! a couple weeks ago you were totally drunk.
me: I don't live here. I wasn't in here a couple of weeks ago.
Girl: yes you were! you were so drunk!!
me: last time I was here was Thanksgiving...(Katherine pipes in with some support "you weren't drunk at all tho" thanks K)
Girl: Yes! you were drunk and all your friend's abandoned you...

HOLD THE PHONE drunk, abandoned by friends, chatting up random girls at the townie bar. OK, it does sound suspiciously like me. Moderately pathetic. But I still really don't think I know this girl.

As she bounces away I asked her name. Nikki. Of course it is. I swear that I don't know her.

Monday Katherine and I set out to breakfast and run errands. Hit the Post Office, the Bank (who totally closed two accounts and handed me cash for them without ANY id. We're not in Boston anymore, Todo). Then I enlist her for a dump run. We load up the car, which was pretty funny in itself but you'd have to be there. Head to the dump. I may have tossed in the whole huge Rubbermaid can with the trash into the compactor. It just got away from me! The guy looks at me like "this girl seriously just dropped a trash can as big as her into the compactor". I sort of stood on tippy toes and peered over the edge.

Kid from highschool walks over and the guy tells him not to throw in any more garbage. "Kate, What did you do?!" Ok. I'm an asshole. So we went fishing for trash with a rake for a minute before the guy decided it was a lost cause to try and get the (still full) bin out of the giant compactor. I wonder out loud if this will be enough for my mom to fire me from trash runs.

The garbage man went and somehow found me a new can. SO...not fired I guess. Katherine (and her mom) both said he would have jumped in if there had been a glass bottle in that bag, but not for the whole bin. Oh Well, all's well that ends well.

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