Thursday, December 7, 2006

Must see TV

From Feministing:
"This video made me fucking insanely angry last night...and I knew I wanted to post it, but I also didn't want to give these assholes any publicity. So I figured what better way to have fun with antifeminists than to get shitfaced while laughing at them. Plus, if y'all are drunk by the end of the flick you won't be able to make out the web address they give touting the movie.

So here's the rules, bitches:

Drink whenever Marxism is mentioned.

Drink whenever someone is interviewed in her country style kitchen.

Drink when feminist-child-hating is claimed or implied.

Two drinks when feminism is blamed for rape in the military.

Drink whenever someone says that equality just makes women unhappy.

Drink if you catch a cameo by clown car vaginas.

Drink every time someone says "victim" or "victimization."

Take two drinks every time someone outright lies.

Drink every time someone accuses feminists of trying to stop women from being housewives.

Spit up your drink when hear how feminists try to get teen girls knocked up.

Drink anytime you see someone in garb better suited for churning butter than being interviewed.

Drink every time someone calls feminists "loose." Then go fuck someone, you slut.

Now, puke."

AND, a little pube fantasy:

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