Saturday, December 23, 2006

Quarter life crisis

I do NOT look 50 years old.

Our (older) summer neighbor stopped in tonight at my father's house. While my dad was in the basement digging through the freezer for venison to send him home with, the neighbor says to me:

"So...Where did you grow up?"

"um...pretty much around here."

"Oh, really?! Right around Meredith, huh?"

"(well, in this house actually...) I'm his DAUGHTER!"


My dad is turning 50 in January.

SERIOUSLY!!!! Do I LOOK like I would waste my time on a middle aged man with a captain's belly!? He doesn't even have that much money!!!!!!! Do I really look that OLD!? I was wearing a HEADBAND for crying out loud.

Last time this happened to me I was 14. I either look way beyond my years or else people take it as an easy assumption that my father is a pervert. I'm betting on the later. Either way I'm getting some wrinkle cream.

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Julie said...


I am getting chills just thinking about that