Friday, December 15, 2006



MA hospitals violating emergency contraception law
A survey by NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts says that some hospitals are failing to offer EC to rape victims, as required by law.

The survey, which is due to be released today, indicated that officials at 7 percent of the hospitals with emergency rooms contend the provision for emergency contraception may be left to the doctor's discretion. Another 7 percent indicated that such provisions were contingent upon the woman undergoing a rape exam.
NARAL conducted the survey by having a rape counselor make mock calls on behalf of a fictitious rape survivor, asking if EC was available.

All nine Catholic hospitals surveyed said they offered emergency contraception "in some capacity" to rape victims, but 56 percent had serious limitations, according to the survey. The limitations include requiring a woman to undergo a rape examination and offering the contraception only at a doctor's discretion, [executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Melissa] Kogut said.

Liza Sirota White of the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence said, "It is outrageous that a rape survivor seeking to prevent pregnancy would be forced to undergo a sexual assault evidence collection kit exam in order to receive treatment.”

Kogut added that the policies “are problematic because they leave open the possibility that a rape survivor may not have access to [emergency contraception] at a particular hospital…Women who have been raped should not have to worry about which hospital they go to.” No joke.


In other news: I'm going home today for my first college break since freshmen year. WOOHOO. It will probably also be my last college break...

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