Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Don't mess with Sunapee

haddy said...
Kate: If they made ceramic mugs of the takeout cups from Pizza Chef I would buy you one too.

haddy said...
BTW... don't mess with Sunapee! GO LAKERS!

Kyle Hudson (who's house I now live in)'s sister-in-law works with the Fabulous Lorax. Only I keep forgetting and get a little freak going HOW DOES SHE KNOW ME!? I like the back up tho.

Do they even serve coffee at the Chef?


haddy said...

I thought about using T Bird, The Archorage (but they're seasonal and don't really do take out), Evans (but it's not Evan's anymore) or the George's Mills General Store, but Pizza Chef is an institution. And I haven't been to the 'Pee in about a year, so I could use some Chef right about now.

Kate said... there is some quality coffee. And a free donut.