Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nuclear families

Quoth Twisty

One house, two frustrated parents, two neurotic kids: it’s got to go. It’s a weird, irrational, often narcissistic construct that forces the modern gal into an impossible life of stress, isolation, and failure: she’s a sex provider, fetus incubator, domestic drudge, child care professional, inventory maintainer, bacon bringer-homer, and fry-it-up-in-a-panner. The only way a woman in this day and age can compete with dudes in the public sphere is to contract out half (or more) of the labor generated by this inefficient, insular arrangement (and employing nannies and housekeepers just reinforces an already oppressive caste system).But because the nuclear family model so elegantly screws women and children over, it has become the most cherished cornerstone of the megatheocorporatocracy. The first job of the nuclear family is to indoctrinate its kids with a thorough appreciation for the Global Accords Governing Fair Use of Women, so essential for the replication of patriarchal mores. The nuclear family relies on guilt to shackle women to the home. The nuclear family makes women financially and relationshipally dependent, feeds corporate greed, replicates heternormativity, promotes social conservatism, inflicts suffering when it fails (as do more than half of nuclear families), and supports fast food, disposable culture, and poor taste.

and a side note from the comments:
This "having it all" thing is really just an enormous load of stinking patriarchy-produced crap anyway. It's shorthand for "participating in the megatheocorporatocracy like the mindless consumer we want you to be." In fact, I would venture to say that NOT "having it all" - indeed, REFUSING to "have it all" - is the first step in the Revolution.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lessons from camper life

Or, as referred to by 3 year olds, the Gremlin Cave.

I garden better after a healthy float, with a significant buzz, and help.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bougie salads

Today's salad is garden mesclun, spinach, and scape pesto, prosciutto, grilled halloumi, lemon and cucumber. Grey's and Susan D's Riesling.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lessons in Camper Life

The camper is warm enough to cook puppies during the day, so they come with me to work. Dottie poops on the carpet to show her general attitude at life, so we open the windows, the breeze knocks everything down and ruins my pussywillows. BUT I'm getting better at waking up in my bunk without hitting my head!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love, Forgive Me

Sierra DeMulder 
My sister told me a soul mate is not the person who makes you the happiest but the one who makes you feel the most, who conducts your heartto bang the loudest, who can drag you giggling with forgiveness from the cellar they locked you in. It has always been you. You are the firstperson I was afraid to sleep next to,not because of the fear you would leave in the night but because I didn’t want to wake upungracefully. In the morning, I crawled over your lumbering chest to wash my face and pinchmy cheeks and lay myself out like a still-lifebeside you. Your new girlfriend is pretty like the cover of a cookbook. I have said her name into the empty belly of my apartment. Forgive me.When I feel myself falling out of love with you, I turn the record of your laughter over, reposition the needle. I dust the dirty living room of your affection.I have imagined our children. Forgive me. I made up the best parts of you. Forgive me. When you told me to look for you on my wedding day, to pauseon the alter for the sound of your voice before sinking myself into the pond of another love, forgive me. I mistook it for a promise.